Three years ago when I started my Blogger site I thought I could called it My Sanctuary. I thought it was a bit pretentious. I wasn’t very sure where life would take me. Today for the first time in all my life I know where I am going. Maybe still is pretentious but maybe it can be sanctuary for you and some more, not only me.

How to use this site

As sanctuary you should sit and relax and enjoy the view, the reading, comment, share and make yourself at home.

I will start off with my favourite section, Meet Andy Hallett. You may think you already know everything about this awesome man. This my fave page ever because not only I have shared my favourite quotes of Andy but also some memories of people that shared with me or I’ve found here and there. For all-time-fans or newbies, you’re going to love this!.

After that joyful trip, you may want to visit The Community. This page is where I have shared some of the tributes I have done the past three years. It is meant to remain the shame. That’s the place where you can share all about Andy and Lorne with other fans and friends… Our place to hide.

Next in the blog I will share some thoughts and opinions on the show Angel, Lorne or anything related to the show. All tributes to Andy and my connections with music and Andy. You can read about this here.

So to understand why I do this maybe you shall visit About Me. You will get to know me a little bit more.

But to make sure you don’t miss a tribute or an event: you can check the Calendar and mark your calendars with the important dates.

Above all don’t forget to rate every page (at the very end with 5 hearts 💚) and share if you like it.

My sanctuary is my place to connect with magic, love, music, Andy, Lorne, Angel… and maybe, now it can also be yours as well.

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