Andy Hallett Day: Watch And Comment

Today we mark our calendars for an Andy Hallett Day. Watch and Comment two very special episodes where Andy stands for a outstanding performance.  First, The House Always Wins. Andy’s favourite episode. Then, Hush from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Whedon’s master piece where Andy stars for a few minutes. Best way to end the year!! … Read more Andy Hallett Day: Watch And Comment

Lorne Day: Calling all Lorne fans

Lorne Day is a must for any Lorne lover.  Watch and comment two Lorne episodes at The Online Community (full info here):   Spin In The Bottle.  Season 4. Smile Time. Season 5. Make sure to be part fo the The Andy Hallett Online Community and join the fun!! 

Happy 45th Birthday Andy Hallett

We shall celebrate this special day with an  all-day event. Are you ready?. Let’s spread it out around the net. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Use #HappyBirthdayAndyHallett   Find me and tag me so I can share all your love!! Join me watching and commenting Happy Anniversary (Season 2) at The Online Community in Facebook. Full info here. … Read more Happy 45th Birthday Andy Hallett

Are you Sporne like Me? Find out!

When I started watching Angel I was certain that my only crush on the Buffyverse was going to be unalterable. My heart belonged to Spike and James Marsters – who would blame me for that?. Little I knew then, how much life could changed me.,, Nevertheless, I was not keen to share my heart with … Read more Are you Sporne like Me? Find out!

New Site Launch

Today is the day I launch this site. I know there are many people out there that love Lorne and Andy. If you want  to help me to spread out the love for Andy Hallett and Lorne, all you gotta do is share this event, this site and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…. Any doubts … Read more New Site Launch

5 Things I learned from Andy 5 (2)

Out of time or maybe just on the right time. When I met Andy my life was kind of chaotic and messed up. So maybe I needed something to put me back on track. So these are five lessons that I learned from Andy. Five things that I needed to know or remember. Lesson 1: … Read more 5 Things I learned from Andy 5 (2)

Angel’s 20th Anniversary by EW 5 (4)

Angel was released 20 years ago. The show was created by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt whom wanted to tell the story of redemption fo Angel, a vampire with a soul. Angel moved to L.A. from Sunnnydale to start off a new life and walk his redemption after he has met the love of his … Read more Angel’s 20th Anniversary by EW 5 (4)

That bliss that a song can give 5 (1)

Many times we consider that we should give up the thing we love in order to be an adult, to have the life that others expect you should. House, car, kids, full time job. Maybe that was not the life you dreamed of when you were kid. Are you familiar with any of this?. I … Read more That bliss that a song can give 5 (1)