Memories is my favourite part of the site because I get to know some beautiful and funny stories. Those stories that people from any part of the planet have shared with me.

Since I first started my blogger site some years ago, my only aim was to build a place where people that knew Andy share their memories. Where new Angel fans and/or new Lorne geeks can come, read and have the whole picture of who Andy was.

Andy was a unique soul, artist, person. I knew it from the very first time I watched an interview of him in Australia. 

Here’s your chance to email me and share that unique story /memory. The little story we both know needs to be shared.

What you should know...

I have tried to reach out to people  before, I have asked them to share their story, their photos or what they want to share. But most of the time happened they were busy, it was not the time for them or whatever the reason. 

I respect that, that’s why I never felt comfortable asking people directly.

But I know it’s your time now. 

You should know that anything that you email me is confidential. You decide which part you consider to go public and which not. Your name, photos, personal info etc…

But I’m sure that whatever you have to share it’s amazing, unique and needs to be shared. For Andy’s memory, with love and much respect.

Share your memories

contact me now directly


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