I’m so excited to share with you my new website about Andy Hallett, who you will remember from his iconic role in Angel (by Joss Whedon). 

This site and the Community is meant to be our (Andy Hallett’s fans and friends) place to hide. Keep Andy’s memory by sharing his legacy of fun, love and light.

My genuine vision on this is give back the love & light I got from Lorne and Andy by remembering one of the most loved characters in the Buffyverse.

May sound ambitious, but ” I believe it has a purpose that can help you even if you don’t”.  Yes, that’s Lorne’s quote but as he had a purpose with the Angel team I do believe this has also a purpose for Andy and Lorne fans and friends.

Please, keep reading to find out all I have to share with you.


A bright, nice, fun and comfortable place.

Our place to hide, where to find some light and life among all those who are part of this community.





This is the place where people from all around the planet share their favourite Lorne scene, quotes, videos… memories of Andy, where all Tributes take place.

Click here to find out next events happening in 2020.

I can only name a little few, but I know there are many more who are brave people.  Those brave people they are inspiration to this site. We take solace because someone who is always remembered will never be gone.

It”s not fair let Andy’s legacy fade away, like a whispering far away “there was once a legend to some epic stories and kindness to people”.  People deserve to know who Andy was and remember him fondly.

Thankyou so very much for the time, effort & love you've put into honoring & keeping Andy's memory alive. It means a lot to me that he meant a lot to others

Laurie Hallett, 2018.

Designed by Ginny Rosso. Copyright 2019. – Disclaimer


Tell Your Friends, Comunnity, Family!!


Let others know how Much you Love Lorne and Andy Hallett. Show the world he is not forgotten

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