When I started watching Angel I was certain that my only crush on the Buffyverse was going to be unalterable. My heart belonged to Spike and James Marsters – who would blame me for that?. Little I knew then, how much life could changed me.,,

Nevertheless, I was not keen to share my heart with somebody, the truth is Spike soon had to share his throne with this green-skinned, red-horned demon by the time I reached the end of Season 3. It broke my heart when he said goodbye to Angel – but that’s a different story.

Maybe you are a bit like me and you have not realised just yet you are Sporne like me. 😲

Here four hallmarks that makes us all Sporne lovers:

1 – When you are asked about your favourite demon or dark creature you make sure demon is not the same as vampire (it is obviously not the same but for rest of mortals they could mix all in the same set). You are troubled if they make you choose between Spike and Lorne.

2 – Your favourite Angel seasons are 2 and 5. Season 5 indeed is the climax for any Sporne for obvious reasons!

Life of the Party. James Marsters, Andy Hallett and David Boreanaz.

3 – There are many good indie movies but when you think of your favourite one, Chance is on your top of the tops.

4 – If you wish to be Amber in this photo…. wouldn’t you love it?. ❤

James Masters, Amber Benson and Andy Hallett and Slayercon 2005

Maybe you are Sporne like me and you just found out… Rate this post and comment below to show some Sporne love to the world. 🌎

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