Angel was released 20 years ago. The show was created by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt whom wanted to tell the story of redemption fo Angel, a vampire with a soul.

Angel moved to L.A. from Sunnnydale to start off a new life and walk his redemption after he has met the love of his life, Buffy. Cordelia Chase is one of the persons he mets when he sets in the big city and she encourages him to earn some money when he is saving people from vampires in the dark and dangerous streets of Los Angeles.

Doyle is the person who contacts Angel in first place. He tries by all manners of means to convince Angel to accept his destiny as one the leading roles on the Apocalypse. Angel will always question himself his part of that profecy.

Angel TV Series by Joss Whedon.
Angel TV Series by Joss Whedon.

The Characters

Cordelia Chase. Young lady from Sunnydale, She is trying to make herself a name as an actress but destiny has other plans for her and ends up helping Angel with his missions on keeping streets of L.A. clean of vampires and supernatural creatures. Heart of the show.

Doyle. One of this super-natural creatures from Ireland. He tries to help Angel and Cordelia on their missions.

Gunn. A young dark-skinned boy who patrols his neighbourhood at night together with his fellas to keep clean and save the streets of where they live: L.A.’s suburb. The muscle, the fighter.

Wesley. A rogue demon hunter with large experience on hunting and killing all kind of mystical creatures. His path in the gang is not easy but yet very interesting and surprising.

Fred. This young lady is rescued from a hell-dimension and brought into the gang. She is smart and physicist. She will have a long an interesting evolution.

Lorne. An empath demon who reads people when they sing. He owns a bar in L.A. called Caritas. He is going to give some laughter and light to the show. Also some music and love to the dark of the characters and their stories.

Connor. Angel’s son. The impossible is possible. He is a cute baby until….. You will have to watch the show to know. He has a nice twist on the last season.

Spike. Another vampire with soul. Spike came second on having a soul and he does it for a lady who is mentioned sometimes along the show. Buffy. He has known Angel for centuries.

Harmony. A sparkling vampire. Angel’s secretary on Season 5. You should watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel to understand her whole evolution.

The Unexepected Ending

Angel endend abruptly. Producers, creators and writers had very little time to wrap up the story so the ending is kind of awkard. Some people like it, some other don’t. I definitely don’t like it for many reasons – but this is not the place and moment to write about it.

Entertainment Weekly Anniversary

Last March EW released an special issue for Angel TV Series’s Anniversary. For many and most fans, I guess, who have followed and watched the show along these years must have been a dream come true. I thought it was mine as well, until I watched and read it.

What a botched job!.

It is clear they recorded a lot of hours of interviews with the cast members and David Greenwalt – why was not Joss Whedon there?. But the editing afterwards was poor and it was too clear they left out too many good stuff.

Yet the article on EW paper edition is not much better. Joss Whedon shares some highlights of the show, the message behind. But still, it is a very poor tribute to the show.

As a Lorne fan I feel like I was left out, no one ever mention him on the whole time and Amy was the only one who really mentioned Andy for a second but he was treated like he was a guest in the show.

Ruth Kinane’s article just mentions Lorne as a little tale in the show.

The truth is Andy was recurring for two seasons until he became regular on season 4. EW seems not to remember that, seems like Lorne was a not-important character when in fact he was one of the most loved characters. Now and then.

So that means a little mention it’s not enought when in fact Lorne and Andy was a very important part of the show, Buffyverse and heart’s fans. Because of this poor treatment from part of the world that will never understand what Lorne offered (and/or could offered) and Andy’s potential as an actor. Lorne and Andy will always be one of the most underrated characters and actors.

So for all the above, Angel’s 20th anniversary is a sad year. One more reason to be nostalgic not happy or proud of what the show became because some editors decided Lorne was not important. You can watch EW’s video here

Andy Hallett‘s tenth anniversary was also this year. Maybe those who met him, who had the chance to work or had a personal relationship with him prefer to forget he was gone so long ago because it hurst too much. I can understand that.

Angel TV Series Cast Members reunion by EW.
Angel TV Series Cast Members reunion by EW.

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2 thoughts on “Angel’s 20th Anniversary by EW”

  1. I was astonished and saddened to read of this. I agree that maybe it is too painful for his old friends; I truly get that, but in honor of him, the courageous thing to do would be to talk about him, and maybe talk about the impact his life–and death, had upon them as people. We can and do celebrate his life, by revisiting his past episodes, but we can’t just erase him, nor should we. It is too cruel, in my opinion; not cruelty by those who knew him, but by the indifference the world shows us every day, by eating up the good and letting the bad linger, if that makes any sense. We, and his old colleagues need to remember him with joy and let go of the pain. It’s hard; no one likes loss, and I’ve had more of my share than most, but I celebrate every day, in honor of those who are no longer with me. We can certainly do the same for Andy. Wonderful, wonderful site! <3

    1. That’s exactly it, Mary!! We should remember him with joy, share the love, the memories, laugh and celebrate it!
      Let it bring us the light we all need!

      Thanks a lot for your comment!! 🙂

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