Fan of the Buffyverse...

When Buffy was first aired I never payed much attention though there was a blonde vampire that always caught my attention. Therefore, only few years ago my husband and I decided to watch the whole series. Bloody hell, that was an experience!! It was natural, after that we would give Angel a try. I was very hesitant. I have never liked Angel so why would I watch his show?. Well, I did. First episodes were a bit confusing but the more I get into the show and the rest of the seasons, the more I liked it. You will find why and what kept me watching on the blog. It wasn't all Lorne but you can tell it was one of the reasons!

Above all meeting Lorne in Angel changed my life. He (and Andy) inspired me to get back to my passion for life and music. My passion for writing. Andy gave me so much light, hope and love that I need to give back some. This blog and website is meant to be the way I give some of that back.

A bit more personal...

In addition to all the above, I was born at the end of 1980, five years, three months and three days after Andy did - but who's counting?! 😁 Raised and live in Spain, all my life in my hometown. I had a happy childhood. Since I was a kid I loved music, dancing and tv series. Writing is one of my passions. I got married at the age of 23 with my best friend and the love of my life. We're still living in the same place after over 15 years of marriage, we have no kids but we are lucky and blessed to have each other as life companion.
"Rosso" is not actually my last name. It was my father's mother last name. She passed away in the 60's long before I was born. So I never met her. Somehow she lives within me. It's my way to tribute her and perserve her name.
Madrid's Skyline. 2019
Madrid's Skyline. Copyright: Ginny Rosso.

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