Out of time or maybe just on the right time. When I met Andy my life was kind of chaotic and messed up. So maybe I needed something to put me back on track.

So these are five lessons that I learned from Andy. Five things that I needed to know or remember.

Lesson 1: always stand for what you believe.

One of the things that I love most from Andy when I knew him was he was so spontanous, charismatic and funny – he definetely knew how to connect with people in one unique way he could only do.

That was my first lesson. Despite people don’t like what you do or are, always be yourself, stand for what you are and you believe. I believe Andy always was true his heart and word.

Lesson 2: passion for music.

Three years ago I was completely disconnected from myself. My life was passionless or at least, I felt something went wrong in some point.

Andy connected me again with one of my passions. Andy showed me passion for music. I started to listen music again and further more, I started to free myself from imposed life and music interests.

So first were some “oldies” from 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, country music (traditional and modern), R&B and then rock, brit pop, latin pop…

I own him so much for this! My life completely changed thanks to him, his music and the music that connected then and now.

Lesson 3: passion is contagious

One thing I knew but I didn’t know how to explore or apply to my life: passion is contagious so is laughter and people that instills love and happyness are as well infectious.

Therefore, I definetely wanted to be somebody like that.

Lesson 4: talent must be shared

One of the hardest lessons ever I learned from Andy: don’t be afraid to share your talent, fight your demons. It’s all worth it.

Talent shall be shared, you shall be brave to do so but every single effort is worth in the end.

But I am just getting used to this one.

Lesson 5: magic is all around

Truth to be told, from the very beginning Andy got into my life magic has been part of my life. And so love that!.

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