Is there anyone that have really forgotten about the green skinned, red horned and empath demon from TV. How could’ve any forgotten the man behind the mask?. The charisma, the epic stories, the smile, the sweetness, the kidness.

Along all this year there has been more and more of words of love and support to Andy after ten years. There is an irrefutable proof that we haven’t forgotten Andy. Here it is.

But there is one more, let show you some quotes from people around social networks.


He was so handsome with an awesome smile. Too Bad we never saw his real face on Angel.


Miss you buddy. It would have been so good to see where your face face would have popped over the later years, and I’m sure you’d give us all the love…….. such a shame, such talent lost, love you mate.


Talk about talented and charismatic.


God, he’s missed.


Love you gorgeous no matter where you are


Andy would’ve crushed it on twitter

Charisma Carpenter

So much funny and talent in one person. Only the good die young.

It’s not really me

One of the most pleasant and nicest people I’ve ever met. I’m forever grateful to have had an experience with him.


Andy was so fanttastic. Such a tremendous loss.


Andy was such a kind and giving soul,


Andy was one of the sweetest souls I ever met. He is very missed.

And this could go one forever…. only this year.

Hopefully we can still show how much we still remember the man in green, how much we loved him and how much we still love him.

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Let’s show Andy, wherever he ism how much he is still love.

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